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Crash Course on Crypto-Carnivory with Bitstein – The Coin Pod, Ep. 4

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Bitcoin and meat share a strong and increasingly popular association in the world Satoshi Nakamoto created. Vegetables and carbohydrates are passé; filet mignon and prime rib are in vogue.

Michael "Bitstein" Goldstein joins me for episode four to explain this trend and clarify that it's not just a fad. Abandoning carbohydrates and plant food for a zero-carb, ketogenic, or carnivorous diet is an important and long-term decision made by many bitcoiners in obedience to volumes of experiential evidence and evolutionary science that corroborate the astounding effects of an all-meat diet.

But why would anyone give up pizza forever? And what exactly does it have to do with Bitcoin?

Find out in the latest episode of The Coin Pod, which pairs well with a tall glass of water and a steak.

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