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Decentralized Exchanges and Bisq with Chris Beams – The Coin Pod, Ep. 6

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The security vulnerabilities of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are attributes very much inherent to centralized exchange. Andreas Antonopoulos frequently comments that there are only two types of centralized exchanges: the ones that have been hacked and the ones that have yet to be hacked. And the long and continually-growing list of hacks demonstrates that he's probably right.

An alternative to centralized exchanges comes in the form of decentralized exchanges, of which one of the most promising is Bisq. Today, Chris Beams, co-founder of Bisq, joins me to chat about decentralized exchanges categorically and, more specifically, the Bisq project.

Bisq is one of the leading decentralized exchanges in the Bitcoin space due in no small way to their uncompromising stance on pure decentralization, Chris explains. The strategy, challenges, progress, and on-going work at Bisq shows the immense potential of decentralized exchange in a space currently clogged with vulnerable centralized exchanges.

Follow @bisq_network on Twitter for more information about the awesome work Chris and the whole Bisq team is doing and visit their website for all the resources you need to start using Bisq today.

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