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Bitcoin and the Zombie Marmot Apocalypse with Preston Byrne – The Coin Pod, Ep. 9

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One of the sharpest legal minds thinking about Bitcoin and other blockchains is Preston Byrne, a fellow of the Adam Smith Institute, a Blockchain technologist, and, according to Fortune Magazine, a loud-mouth libertarian as insightful as he is obnoxious.

I had the privilege to catch up with Preston about some of the articles he has authored about stable coins, Nakamoto Schemes, regulatory developments in the Bitcoin and larger cryptocurrency space, and other miscellaneous ideas about which he has written online. You should not miss his well-reasoned opinions and eloquent explanations thereof, whether you agree with everything he says or not.

After listening, Preston would be pleased if you followed Marmot Recovery on Twitter, and you should also follow Preston himself: @prestonjbyrne. Visit his blog to read the articles mentioned in today's coin pod and to follow Preston's thoughts on cryptocurrency.

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