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The Hodler Manifesto with Brenden Matthews – The Coin Pod, Ep. 1

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Hardcore cryptocurrency wonks love autonomy, individuality and even anarchy. But hodling comes with some rules. Eight rules, to be exact. In this coin pod, Brenden Matthews discusses his latest project: The Hodler Manifesto.

Brenden's manifesto explains the eight rules every hodler must follow. Zack and Brenden talk through each rule, considering their importance and discussing possible exceptions.

Rule 1: A true hodler does not sell their coin.
Rule 2: A true hodler buys the dip.
Rule 3: A true hodler remains steadfast in spite of FUD.
Rule 4: A true hodler keeps their coins off exchanges and online wallets.
Rule 5: A true hodler buys good and services with their coin.
Rule 6: A true hodler spreads the good word.
Rule 7: A true hodler does not get FOMO when another coin rises.
Rule 8: A true hodler will run their own full node.

Read the complete manifesto at hodlermanifesto.com and follow Brenden on Twitter: @brndnmtthws.

As always, visit thecoinpod.com for more information about the show, follow @thecoinpod on Twitter, and message the show with any comments. Enjoy!

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