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Reliable Cryptoasset Data and Nomics with Clay Collins – The Coin Pod, Ep. 10

The problems of questionable and sometimes out-and-out false data appearing on popular coin ranking sites like CoinMarketCap, which subsequently causes severe price fluctuations, in only one facet of many deficiencies in the sphere of coin ranking sites and cryptocurrency data aggregation services.

One team taking this segment of the space head on is nomics.com, an open, professional and reliable source for clean, carefully curated cryptocurrency data. I chatted with Nomics CEO Clay Collins about his work and its unique relevance to anyone holding a modicum of curiosity cryptocurrency, and listening to this episode should be as educational for you as having the conversation was for me.

During the episode, we mention this Twitter discussion. After listening, you should follow Clay and Nomics on Twitter and tinker with their website.

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