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Threats to Bitcoin: the Real and the Reachy with Giacomo Zucco – The Coin Pod, Ep. 14

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For nearly ten years, Bitcoin has been widely known as an experiment, something new, yet-to-be proven resoundingly successful, and very much in its early stages of development. Whether Bitcoin is still an experiment or not, the rivals of, nominal threats to, and vitriol for the project compound daily. Separating the inconsequential noise from potentially serious threats to Bitcoin is crucial.

For this episode, I chatted with Giacomo Zucco about threats to Bitcoin, legitimate ones and bogus ones. You'll need to buckle in for this episode, as Giacomo unloads an unfair amount of incredibly important knowledge, critical to understanding Bitcoin in light of nay-sayers and would-be rivals in the so-called "crypto" space.

In this episode, we discuss a legendary tweet-storm by Giacomo which you can find here.

After listening, follow Giacomo on Twitter and learn more about the BHB Network. As always, follow @thecoinpod and visit thecoinpod.com to learn more about the show.

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