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Is Bitcoin a Bad Investment? – YMB Podcast E105

Investing in Bitcoin

Happy New Year! This is episode 105 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

Daniel is on vacation this week and doesn’t have time to edit, so this episode is completely uncut! We’ll review and respond to a Forbes article with 10 arguments against investing in Bitcoin. We’ll discuss which points seem valid, which seem like misunderstandings, how we can overcome some of the real problems mentioned, and much more.…

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Angela Keaton & Drew Phillips Announce Winning Peace Haikus – YMB Podcast E104 Dove

This is episode 104 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

A few weeks ago, Drew Phillips joined us to share some details about a pro-peace haiku contest run by Bitcoin Not Bombs and Today he’s back to announce the winners with’s Angela Keaton! The contest was a huge success with over 400 outstanding entries and 26 prizes.

For the first part of the show, Drew, Angela, and …

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Wright’s Wrong: PGP Key or GTFO – YMB Podcast E103

Is Craig Steven Wright Satoshi Nakamoto?

This is episode 103 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

Last week, WIRED and Gizmodo reported evidence that a man named Craig Steven Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. While there’s still no definitive proof that the stories are true (or false!), this seems to be another Newsweek situation.

Today, we’ll chat about that evidence, its flaws, a possible murder mystery, and tons more. We’ll also weigh in on the common belief …

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Year End Live Show – Bitcoin and the Arts #12

John Stuart Live on Bitcoin and the Arts

This is another Bitcoin and the Arts podcast with John Stuart! This episode is extra special because it’s John’s last show of 2015 and it marks one full year of the B&A podcast. To help celebrate, John invited Dustin, the creator of BTC Art Gallery, for his second guest appearance. Plus, this show was broadcast live!

These two greats will be flipping through the BTC Art Gallery and chatting about several works. They’ll …

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Nexus Creator Colin Cantrell – YMB Podcast E102

Nexus Niro

This is episode 102 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

Today we have another special guest with us, Colin Cantrell, the creator of Nexus. His project encompasses all all kinds of technology but we’re especially interested in the decentralized computing network and its corresponding cryptocurrency, the Niro. Mr. Cantrell will explain how Nexus got started, what problems it can solve, how it’s different from Bitcoin, and much more.

Tune …

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BNB’s Peace Haiku & ProTip’s Fullnode Fundraiser – YMB Podcast E101 Dove

This is episode 101 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

First up today, we’re joined by Mr. Drew Phillips from Bitcoin Not Bombs. The organization has partnered with to run a pro-peace haiku contest with TONS of prizes. Drew will share the reason for the contest, how to enter, who’s involved, and much more.

Then after that, we’ll chat about a fundraiser going on for ProTip. Chris …

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The Ultimate Bitcoin Fans – YMB Podcast E100

YMB Podcast 100

This is episode 100 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

For this week’s very special episode, we have three very special guests: Andrew Lee, Cyril Blanc, and Adrian. All of them are fans of the show and they’ll join us to share some thoughts about You, Me, and BTC and about Bitcoin in general.

We’ll also spend some time reflecting on our own crazy journey over the 100 weeks. Your …

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IRS Bitcoin Training, BED, & More Odds ‘n’ Ends – YMB Podcast E99

IRS Bitcoin Training

This is episode 99 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

This week, we’ve got several little things to cover. First up, we’ll chat about a new pro-peace haiku contest from and Bitcoin Not Bombs. The top three prizes total 1.7 BTC, so you’ll definitely want to check it out.

Then after that, we’ll discuss why Satoshi Nakamoto would be ineligible for a Nobel Prize. Last week we mentioned …

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