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YMB Podcast E22: Make Your Laws and Cannacoin

This week in the You, Me, and BTC Podcast, we will chat with two people who have contributed significantly in the cryptocurrency space. First, we will speak with Sai, the president of Make Your Laws, an organization that works to give the people more influence in their government. Sai played an important part in getting the FEC to allow Bitcoin donations to political candidates. We spoke about that recently, but Sai will explain things much …

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YMB Podcast E21: Virtual Bitcoin Meetup #1: Intros and Anything Goes

This is a special episode of the You, Me, and BTC Podcast. This week's show is taken from our live virtual Bitcoin meetup on Monday, May 19. Our conversation began with a discussion about what could happen when the Bitcoin block reward halves. As time went by we strayed into an exciting variety of topics with some amazing guests. We will chat about our favorite features of Bitcoin, the risks of API centralization, 51% attacks, …

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YMB Podcast E20: Bitcoin and World Leaders

In this week's episode of the You, Me, and BTC Podcast, we will consider two interesting forms of political intervention with Bitcoin. The first is a decision to allow donations to election campaigns in the form of Bitcoins. This is certainly exciting, but there are some fairly significant restrictions and requirements that came with the ruling as well. The second way to influence politics with Bitcoin is almost the opposite. The Assassination Market is …

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YMB Podcast E19: Is Bitcoin Only for the Privileged?

Annie-Rose Strasser recently declared that Bitcoin is By the Privileged, For the Privileged. She pointed to statistics indicating that the Bitcoin space is dominated by white, libertarian males and she certainly did not like that. In today's show, we will go through her article and respond. Cathy Reisenwitz from Bitcoin Magazine also responded to the same article, so we will consider her words too. Is it bad that most Bitcoiners are white males? Does …

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YMB Podcast E18: Purse.IO and Bitcoin Comedy

Buy Bitcoin through Amazon at PurseIO

Purse.IO is a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects buyers and spenders of Bitcoin through Amazon. It can takes a bit of thinking to wrap your mind around exactly how this service works, but it truly is amazing. It enables people to buy Bitcoin with a credit card or get a fairly significant dicount when spending their coin. Today, we are joined by Andrew Lee who will tell us more about the marketplace, how it works, and …

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YMB Podcast E17: Bitcoin Anonymity – How and Why

Unfortunately, many people out there, both inside and outside the Bitcoin community, do not fully understand Bitcoin anonymity. They might think that it is not too important or maybe they do not want to put the effort into making sure their privacy is preserved. Some who do not use cryptocurrency think that privacy is impossible because the block chain is public. Even worse, some who DO use cryptocurrency might think that Bitcoin is already fully …

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YMB Podcast E16: Heartbleed and

This week the YMB Team has two awesome discussions for you. First, we want to try to understand the Heartbleed Bug together. This is a very serious security issue that has affected a large portion of the internet, including Bitcoin. Some have even suggested that perhaps the government was involved in the bug and has been exploiting it for years. We need to talk about that too.

Later, a special guest, Gweedo, will join us …

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YMB Podcast E15: Dr. Jeffrey Herbener on the Economics of Bitcoin

Dr. Jeffrey Herbener is the chair of the department of economics at Grove City College. Today, we are letting him take the mic while the YMB Team takes a break. With his economic knowledge and experience, the professor will be able to explain the technicalities of Bitcoin from a financial perspective much better than we ever could. While we probably would not agree with all of his views, he certainly offers some meaningful insights. He …

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