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YMB Podcast E17: Bitcoin Anonymity – How and Why

Unfortunately, many people out there, both inside and outside the Bitcoin community, do not fully understand Bitcoin anonymity. They might think that it is not too important or maybe they do not want to put the effort into making sure their privacy is preserved. Some who do not use cryptocurrency think that privacy is impossible because the block chain is public. Even worse, some who DO use cryptocurrency might think that Bitcoin is already fully …

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YMB Podcast E16: Heartbleed and

This week the YMB Team has two awesome discussions for you. First, we want to try to understand the Heartbleed Bug together. This is a very serious security issue that has affected a large portion of the internet, including Bitcoin. Some have even suggested that perhaps the government was involved in the bug and has been exploiting it for years. We need to talk about that too.

Later, a special guest, Gweedo, will join us …

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YMB Podcast E15: Dr. Jeffrey Herbener on the Economics of Bitcoin

Dr. Jeffrey Herbener is the chair of the department of economics at Grove City College. Today, we are letting him take the mic while the YMB Team takes a break. With his economic knowledge and experience, the professor will be able to explain the technicalities of Bitcoin from a financial perspective much better than we ever could. While we probably would not agree with all of his views, he certainly offers some meaningful insights. He …

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YMB Podcast E14: Bitcoin Banking and Taxes With Coinabul’s Jay Shore

Jay Shore is the founder of, the first business ever to sell precious metals for Bitcoin. He joins us this week to tell his story. He has been into Bitcoin almost as long as it has existed, so he certainly has lots to say about it. Several months ago, Mr. Shore had serious trouble finding a bank that would work with him and his business. He will tell us all about that and …

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YMB Podcast E13: Ideas, Information, and Intellectual Property

Last week, we spoke about the differences between gold and Bitcoin and tried to decide whether Bitcoins could be considered physical if they were on a paper wallet. By definition they probably are not, but is there really that much difference? We also noted the fact that theoretically, someone could steal your Bitcoins simply by seeing them. Or seeing the private key, anyway. These thoughts led us to some difficult questions and concepts that …

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YMB Podcast E12: More Gold and Silver With CoinStax’s Rob Michael

CoinStax Sells Gold and Silver For Bitcoin

We have been talking about precious metals quite a bit recently, and the conversation continues this week. The truth is, Bitcoin, gold, and silver are all very similar in the way that they are given value, but they have different strengths and weaknesses too. We are excited to have another fantastic guest with us this week, Robert Michael. He is the founder of, a brand new bullion dealer that exclusively accepts Bitcoin. He …

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YMB Podcast E11: Amagi Metals Interview

We have our first guest this week! YMB is thrilled to feature Stephen Macaskill, the CEO of Amagi Metals on today's show. Amagi Metals is a fantastic gold and silver dealer that allows you to cash out your cryptocurrency for bullion. This is great for anyone who does not want to secure their savings with fiat currency. We have used their service many times before and you can check out this video review to see …

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YMB Podcast E10: Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Funny Money

We have reached our 10th episode! We are quite proud of this minor but still exciting achievement and we have a great show for you. No one can ignore MtGox these days, so we have to say a few words about its passing. Later in this episode, we chat about the similarities and differences between Bitcoin and precious metals. We need your help convincing Franklin Sanders that Bitcoin is not broken, so tune in to …

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