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BREAKING: Only 83% of People Think Bitcoin Is Good

Shocking new research proves that not everyone likes Bitcoin.

2017 brought another round of feverish public interest to Bitcoin, which launched the ticker price to just below $20,000 and pushed Bitcoin-related Google searches to a higher popularity than the threat of nuclear war. But not everyone wants their socks knocked off just yet.

Barely 80% of people agree Bitcoin is good, according to a poll from Neeraj Agrawal, a moderately prominent crypto-Twitter oracle sporting more than thirty thousand followers. In fact, nearly one in five of more than 4,500 respondents think Bitcoin is bad.

Satoshi Nakamoto could not be reached to comment on these surprising data. Real-Satoshi Craig Wright and Vision-Truther Roger Ver were not asked to comment.

Some respondents signaled disapproval of Agrawal's somewhat limited answer choices.

Another respondent gif-asked why Bitcoin couldn't be both good and bad. In response, Agrawal tweeted: "This is the correct answer."

Strong disapproval from the general public toward Bitcoin echoes the opinions of financial luminaries like Jamie Dimon, Larry Fink, and Dick Kovacevich whose views go well beyond the generic opinion that Bitcoin is "bad." Of course, 83% is a nice chunk of support, but anything less than 100% might as well be 0%. "Hodlers" should "hoep" the opinion of the 17% doesn't spread.

Sour Grapes Syndrome could explain some of the "Bad" responses. After all, the New York Times reported that everyone except "you" is getting hilariously rich on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Or maybe newly minted Bitcoin crazies handled their Thanksgiving and Christmas Bitcoin conversations with less-than-desirable aplomb.

Bitcoin's price is supposed to triple by the end of 2018, according to analysts who CNBC thinks are worth listening to. Will this cold shoulder from one fifth of humanity undercut these bullish predictions?

We don't know. You tell us. Or just tweet at CNBC.

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