Of Self-Deceit & Airborne Deer – Tim’s Two Cents #49

Tim's Two Cents #49

This is episode 49 of Tim's Two Cents, the hypest podcast on your feed every week.

Tim's got a long one for you this week to make up for the wait. But don't worry, it's worth it (at least according to him).

Lies. They make the world spin 'round and keep people happy. But what about those times when people lie to themselves? This week, Tim dives into the lies he's told himself over the …

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A Quick History of Crypto in the Nordic Countries

Cryptocurrencies started to affect the world the moment they appeared. And while northern Europe was certainly not the first place they took off, the Nordic countries quickly got a whiff of blockchain technology.

The involvement of various Japanese and US software developers in mining quickly spread crypto knowledge around the world. And the news soon reached countries like Norway and Sweden. Those are not the only two Nordic countries, but we'll focus on their stories …

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My Name Is Tim, Hear Me Bitch – Tim’s Two Cents #48

Tim's Two Cents #48

This is episode 48 of Tim's Two Cents, the hypest podcast on your feed every week.

Lately, Tim's had to work some odd hours and weird locations. But in the end, he couldn't keep himself away from his precious listeners. (That's you.)

Today's edition kicks off with a discussion about life as a professional dog-petter and the opulent palaces that come with that calling. Then Tim has some thoughts on finally achieving something he always …

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Choosing a Crypto Trading Strategy – CFDs or Coins?

Cryptocurrency trading comes in all shapes and sizes. There are hundreds of different coins and different industries to choose from.  This makes the market a lot more vibrant. But there are traders that are not satisfied with the already existing options and demand more.  Usually, these traders are reinforced by traders who migrated over from traditional financial markets such as stocks or Forex. Due to relatively different market infrastructure, many got off-put from trading cryptocurrencies …

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Take Cover Aussies – The Tax Man Is Coming

Taxing cryptocurrency owners, or in fact, chasing them around the world has become a thing now. It all started when Spain made the controversial announcement that they were going to start looking for crypto owners in the country, track their trading habits and tax them accordingly.

Although it looks unfair from the surface, it is still within the law. If cryptos are considered as tradable assets than the government is entitled the gains.

What's It…

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Crypto and eSports Were Made for Each Other

Cryptocurrencies and eSports share more in common than most people realize. In fact, most people see these two industries as something completely different. One tackles finance while the other focuses on video games, when in fact these two features are intertwined. Video games themselves, the ones you'd find on Steam that are primarily focused on single player experiences, can be ruled out, even if they come with multiplayer options. The whole essence of eSports is …

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Do Cryptocurrency Ad Bans Prevent Scams?

Cryptocurrency scams have been such a plague on the market that many people have completely avoided the trading process as they are afraid of falling into a trap and losing their hard earned money for nothing.

Because of such a massive deterrent, crypto companies started branding strategies in a different way, to distinguish themselves from unreliable exchanges and service providers. Usually, these types of campaigns are only accessible by large companies due to costs involved, …

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Shut Up – Tim’s Two Cents #47

Tim's Two Cents #47

This is episode 47 of Tim's Two Cents, the hypest podcast on your feed every week.

Tim's letting it all hang out and he's hoping you'll join him. This one's all about taking back vice from the hands of busybodies with nothing better to do than coddle themselves. We're all adults aren't we?

Maybe. But Tim has some thoughts this week on just what makes our modern nanny-state governments so obnoxious. At times, they're even …

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