Purse’s $10,000 Guarantee and More Bitstamp – YMB Podcast E55

About a week ago, one of our favorite Bitcoin startups introduced a $10,000 guarantee for their services. If you’ve never heard of Purse.io before, we’ll explain it how it allows you to spend Bitcoin at Amazon while getting a discount in the neighborhood of 20%. We’ll also chat about how this new protection policy should make Purse even better.

Then later in the show, we’ll follow up on last week’s discussion about the Bitstamp hack. …

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Social Unity via Bitcoin

Bitcoin Unifies Us
by Tim Baker

  We all know the internet can be terrible for us. All the input, all the stimuli, all the voyeurism. It feeds us the idea that we must live up to this standard that we see in our friend’s pictures and status updates, but they’re doing the same thing. No one really reaches this standard, we’ve just collectively decided to be constantly miserable because our lives aren’t as kickass as they should …

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Bitcoin’s P2P Nature – Bits & Pieces #10

Bitcoin is P2P

Just last night, one of my favorite Bitcoiners, Jeffrey Tucker, released a brand new book, Bit by Bit. It’s all about how P2P technology is changing our world for the better. We’ve had Mr. Tucker on our show a few times before and his understanding of Bitcoin is superb.

In light of this release, I thought I might take some time to explain the peer-to-peer nature of Bitcoin. What makes it P2P and why …

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The Bitstamp Hack – YMB Podcast E54

Earlier this week, a popular Bitcoin exchange, Bitstamp, lost about $5 million to a hacker. Today, we’ll be chatting about that event. Fortunately, the administrators claim that their customers’ deposits will be honored in full, but we’ll discuss the possibility that this is false. We’ll also try to decide how we should treat the stolen money on the blockchain. Tune in for all that and tons more!

Your hosts are Tim Baker and Daniel …

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Android App Review: BTC Faucets Bitcoin

by Tim Baker

  Until recently, I hadn’t used a Bitcoin faucet for several years. I lost most of my interest when the price went above $100, but I decided to try out the BTC Faucets Bitcoin app on Google Play. This app groups together and manages a total of 37 Bitcoin faucet sites that work through Coinbox, BitChest, and Microwallet.org. I used my Motorola X for testing.

There is no registration required, so the …

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Bitstamp’s Missing Millions: The Good Parts – Bits & Pieces #9

On January 4, 2015, one of the more popular Bitcoin exchanges, Bitstamp, suffered a costly security breach. The administrators promptly suspended services and later announced a loss of nearly 19,000 BTC, worth roughly $5 million. This is simply wild.

One of the reasons that we like to praise cryptocurrency is because it is different. Granted, differences don’t necessarily make something better, but when the old norm is wrought with as many flaws as our …

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VAT for Digital Services – Bitcoin and the Arts #1

Welcome to YMB’s first ever monthly special series, Bitcoin and the Arts with John Stuart. We ran a segment like this once before during our regular Thursday show, but we’ve since decided that it will work wonderfully as a monthly special. Tune in the first Saturday of every month to hear John’s perspective on how Bitcoin is impacting all types of artists around the globe.

Today, he’ll be chatting about some new value-added tax regulations …

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