Multisignature – Bits & Pieces #1

Welcome to this first edition of our new weekly Bits and Pieces column! I've decided it might be interesting to start posting some short and simple thoughts on specific topics. If a week's topic needs any definition or explanation, I'll provide it, then I'll throw in my own opinion. All in 500 words or less. Maybe slightly more today, accounting for this intro. Here we go!

So for our first topic: multisignature. What the heck …

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YMB Podcast E43: Anonymity Opposites and Broken Banking

To kick things off this week, we'll be chatting about two news bits from opposite sides of the anonymity spectrum. On the bad side: one crypto-exchange, Melotic, is now requiring users to submit identification information. On the good side: the team behind Dark Wallet has just released another alpha version of the privacy-centric Bitcoin wallet.

Then later in the show, we’ll discuss a European clearing house that recently crashed for several hours and the Kraken …

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Escrow My Bits: A New Bitcoin Escrow Service

Escrow My Bits Bitcoin Escrow Service

Escrow My Bits is a brand new service designed to handle several different kinds of Bitcoin escrow. I recently spoke to the service's creator, Josh, to learn more about what it is and how it works.

For those who are willing to place their full trust in Escrow My Bits, the company offers two types of traditional escrow, where…

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YMB Podcast E42: Andreas Antonopoulos Before the Canadian Senate

Last week, one of the most respected men in Bitcoin, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, spoke before a Canadian Senate Banking Committee. He did a fantastic job explaining Bitcoin, answering questions, and offering advice for how Bitcoin should or should not be regulated. Today, we’ll be playing a few clips from the hearing and offering our own opinions. We might also have a few laughs at the expense of the lawmakers. Mr. Antonopoulos is one of …

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YMB Podcast E41: The Government’s Role

In today’s shorter show, we’ll begin by sharing a bit about the world’s first blockchain wedding. Just last weekend, two lovers permanently embedded their commitment to each other inside of a Bitcoin transaction. Then later in the show, we’ll chat about some legal troubles recently encountered by Butterfly Labs. The company, which produces Bitcoin mining hardware, made many customers upset with painfully long product delivery times. Now, some of those mining speculators have gotten …

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YMB Podcast E40: Airbitz CEO, Paul Puey

Today we have a special guest, Mr. Paul Puey, the co-founder and CEO of Airbitz. He will be telling us all about the Bitcoin directory that his company manages and the extremely user-friendly mobile wallet that will be released very soon. Then later in the show, just for fun, he’ll share a bit about his ketogenic diet and explain how it actually ties in with his passion for Bitcoin. Tune in for an awesome …

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YMB Podcast E39: Bitcoin Facts and Stats

This week, just for fun, we’ll be sharing a bunch of Bitcoin facts and stats. What was Bitcoin’s peak market cap? How many coins are sitting on the most valuable address? When was the first block ever mined? Tune in for our perspective on all that and tons more. Then later in the show, we’ll be chatting about a bit of news. Greenpeace is now accepting Bitcoin donations and Square is currently working on a …

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YMB Podcast E38: Apple Pay and Other Bitcoin Imitations

Last week, Apple announced all sorts of new products and services, one of which was Apple Pay. Apple lovers will now be able to make secure payments using their new iPhones and near-field communication. We're not huge fans of Apple, but there really are some benefits to the new system. The problem, however, is that Bitcoin offers many of the exact same features and lots more. Today, we’ll be chatting about the two payment …

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