Robotina: Empowering People on the Blockchain

First established in 1990, this Slovenian based company has been a dedicated provider of automation and control technology. Robotina has supplied their services to many important clients from various industries, Hitachi and Panasonic being one of them. By employing Internet of Things (IoT) enabled hardware, cloud software and today's emergent technologies, they only offer quality solutions to a variety of technological issues.

The individuals that make up the Robotina team detain expert-level knowledge in their respective fields, along with years of experience and business connections.

Robotina's Goal

The Robotina Platform will be on the cutting edge of technological solutions built using the connected Internet of Things (IoT) elements and the Power Platform (PP), which will enable an efficient way of managing energy. The platform will employ Smart Rules, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies, running on cloud-based servers.

The company has already undertaken proof testing procedures, proving that up to 10-20 % can be saved by using the latest high-tech developments, which are now achievable and practical.

Robotina's goal is to establish a connected community that will enable its participants to save a great deal on energy costs, produce substantial revenues as well as engaging in an eco-friendly and sustainable solution by making the way we consume energy more efficient, which will cut emissions as a result.

Robotina aims to become in the years to come one of the most important providers of specialized connected control devices and systems in the world. For this, the company has invested their own capital in developing propriety technology, resulting in the following products:

1. Cybro-I, II and III (Q1/18): this distributed control system is fitted with all the necessary hardware and software, making it an ideal provider of solutions that can be adapted and customized depending on the nature of the problem. Cybro is also the first IoT programmable controller.

2. SMIP: Cloud (SaaS): a platform which acts as the environment in which this Cybro can operate, communicating in a secure manner with the system's controllers to bring together controllers (real world) and Internet (virtual world) so they can work in harmony. These technologies combined will develop a new way of transmitting data from sensors to Internet and vice versa via vertically integrated solutions.

ICO Details

The Robotina Platform's Ethereum-based token, the Robotina Utility token (ROX), will be used for paying all the transactions that take place on the platform. The token will be used to purchase services and products which are sold on the Robotina platform, via other tokens, crypto or fiat currencies. The user will benefit from a special discount special discount of 3% only in the case of purchasing with ROX. If there are other payment methods used, an automatic conversion to ROX will occur, with the rewards being shared between the community's members.

Robotina Utility Tokens (ROX) can also be used to participate in crowdfunding pro table projects using ESCO or VPP schemes.

Token Symbol: ROX
Start Bonus: 10%
ICO Launch Date: 20-02-2018
ICO End Date: 30-03-2018
Token Type: Ethereum
Total Supply: 815000000
Price: $0.05

Some details of the benefits from Robotina:

Awareness & Control

The platform's Energy Management System (EMS), HIQ-Home and other IoT will enable users to efficiently manage and supervise their sites and IoT, providing them absolute control.

Energy Efficiency & Dynamic Energy Pricing

Analytical tools, remote control, advanced rules, multi-objective optimization and artificial intelligence, will result in a fast ROI (Return on Investment) for the use, with a 20 % reduction on energy expenses. CO2 emissions will be reduced resulting in tax benefits for the user.

Security & Safety

The artificial intelligence will detect and notify the user of any possible potential threats.

Energy Efficiency

Large consumers and corporate users that will have their buildings connected to the Robotina Platform, will cut down on their energy costs with approximately 30 percent.

Robotina vs. Competitors

Robotina is a company that has activated a long time prior to this project (since 1990), in comparison to its competitors, Power Ledger (2016) and WePower (2017).

One of the major differences between Robotina and its competitors is that Robotina provides a higher optimization rate, 15% optimization on 27,222 TWh power market (~ 4 TWh in savings), compared to WePower which has a business potential of 0.5TWh. Power Ledger's business solution is limited to P2P trading, which are currently unregulated by any laws.

In addition, Robotina has invested its own capital in its technologies which outnumbers the ones used by its competitors, being also patented.

Robotina plans to change the way the world manages its energy, investing all its time and capital on developing the best smart connected solutions and technologies.

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