Profit and Business Transparency in Blockchain Investing

Bitcoin's ups and downs brought a lot of attention to blockchain projects and businesses are now seriously investigating this new field for investmenting. Not only the major altcoins attracted people who are looking for fast profit; all kinds of coins and tokens issued with each ICO or TGE (Token Generating Event) garnered lots of cash and earned popularity as a new form of investment.

Serious experts and professionals of the financial sphere and individuals with limited capital are now putting their money and assets into startups via blockchain platforms. Media dubbed the trend the "ICO's mania", and the word has acquired more negative connotation than positive. But the blockchain is mostly associated with positive changes.

Why is that?

It's fair to say that ICOs as an investment mechanism bring more freedom into the investment world, thus allowing less connected investors to take part in amazing projects. The cryptocurrency market itself is very inclusive by nature. This means that any person with a smartphone connected to the internet can get involved in buying or earning blockchain assets.

Blockchains are distributed ledgers that enable the exchange of value between parties that neither know nor trust each other. They reliably track the state of these interactions while maintaining consistency across the database and providing guarantees of informational security.

Investors who want to make money on the blockchain need to invest in projects that are both earning revenues today and are creating systems that might guarantee profit in the future.

How does one find the right project to invest in?

Of course, there are reputable media outlets that review projects for their legitimacy and possibility to succeed. You can also find professionals who might guide you. Investing in blockchain assets through a hedge fund might appear more secure as it allows an investor to make an informed decision. The more progressive solution for investing is SPINDLE. It is a platform where investors are matched with various crypto funds. It was founded by experts in the field of finance, investment banking, law and the technology industry.

Even though it seems quite certain that a lot of innovation will be happening, it is extremely difficult to imagine where all of this is going. This is why it may be a good idea to ask a professional for assistance when investing in blockchain products. Through special marketplaces or ecosystems such as SPINDLE, investors can receive expert advice on not only where to invest, but also when to do it - based on anticipated market fluctuations and other factors. SPINDLE is the first match-making platform for private investors and cryptocurrency funds where users will be able to compare transparent information about each crypto fund and connect with asset managers to help diversify and grow their investments.

Given that the individuals behind hedge funds are highly experienced and knowledgeable in matters of financial investment, they are skilled in applying aggressive investment strategies along with complex risk management tools.

It is difficult to predict how exactly the blockchain will change the world, but already today we witness the changes to the classic banking and financial systems, for example, and they are significant.

Spindle Offering Dates: May 9 - 15, 2018.

Supply for sale is 4 billion SPD. Price per token will be 0.00033 ETH during the sale.

Bonus schedule:

May 9 – 30% Bonus
May 10 – 25% Bonus
May 11 – 20% Bonus
May 12 – 15% Bonus
May 13 – 10% Bonus
May 14 – 5% Bonus
May 15 – No Bonus

Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will be accepted. Bitcoin (BCT) will not be accepted. Mainland China, Japan, and the United States are excluded from the crowdsale.

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