Bitcoin Converter: Embed Auto-updating Images!

Note: If you just want to convert between Bitcoin, mBTC, bits, Satoshis, and/or USD, use this simple tool.

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Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions!
Update #4: How about some Chinese Yuan?! Now you can convert any Bitcoin value to or from CNY and the result can be updated automatically. Have fun!

Update #3: We've added custom colors to the converter! Now you can select whatever colors you need to make the widget fit in perfectly with your website's theme! I think it should be self-explanatory, but as always, let me know if you have questions or suggestions!

Update #2: You can now convert to and from bits, which are 1/1,000,000th of a Bitcoin!

Update #1: This tool started out with just USD but now you can convert to and from euros! If you need to post Bitcoin prices based on a constant euro value, this is your tool.

This tool is a Bitcoin converter that allows you to change values or prices from Bitcoin to fiat currency or vice versa. Hopefully this is all self-explanatory but if you have questions, let me know and I should have answers.

Using this Bitcoin converter is perfect for when you are selling something online and want to post a Bitcoin price that is based on a dollar value. When you create an image, the Bitcoin price displayed will automatically adjust with the exchange rate. It's also perfect for posting the Bitcoin exchange rate on your website (just convert 1 BTC to USD). Of course, there are plenty of other great use cases as well, so you definitely want to try this out.

How to Use the Bitcoin Converter

All you have to do is select how you want to convert and input your value. You can choose which exchange rate you want to use as well. When you're done, you can embed the provided URL as a PNG image however you like and it will always update automatically. Right now, the US dollar and the euro are the only currencies supported but if you need or want another one, just ask. I can add Bitcoin exchanges or other rate sources by request as well.

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  1. Hello again,

    Would still like to buy you those cups of coffee if you were able to add

    RUB Russian Rouble
    GBP UK Pound

    to your “Bitcoin Converter: Embed Auto-updating Images!” site so I can in turn add them to my sites.

    • RUB and GBP added. RussiaCoin will be a bit harder since I don’t currently have this set up to handle any altcoins at all. I’ll attempt to revamp everything and make it much more efficient with altcoin support this weekend.

      Thanks for using our tools!


  2. Can you add moroccan dirham to the exchange too (MAD)

  3. Now that Unicode 10 has ₿ at U+20BF, can the BTC at the end be switched to ₿ at the beginning?

    • Hey TBZ,

      I know it’s a late reply here but I’m looking into it. I don’t think my current setup uses Unicode but it should still be possible somehow. No promises anytime soon though. 😉


  4. Nice one great work i apreciate !

  5. I wanted to implement this onto my site but was wondering if there were any options available to make it fit in better? Basically changing text and background colors, and removing the blue I don’t mind if the image itself still links to your site, but as it is now it stands out really bad. Let me know.

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