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Feel free to contact us for any reason using the information below. If you have comments, questions, advertising needs, ideas, concerns, or anything at all, we would love to get in touch with you. We are always looking for sponsors, so please reach out if you have a Bitcoin- or liberty-oriented product or service you would like to promote.

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  1. Could you add Japanese Yen?

  2. can you add bitcoin cash??

  3. as much as alt Con is good
    at least LTC and FTC conversions too. Thanks.

  4. Please include Philippines ( Peso ) in your converter. That would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Its a good site.
    You also may add other coins like dogecoin, leocoin,litecoun etc.
    Also add Currencies like Pak Rupee, Indian rupee peso etc too.
    Also add info for some good, reliable and honest E-currency exchangers who deals prompt and donestly.


  6. Hey guys I just wanted to drop a line and say I love the show. I’m new to the coin space and the show has helped me to learn a lot all while being entertained. Thanks for uploading your stuff to youtube, it’s how I found out about you… I’ve been listening to all the episodes on the playlist and I’m nearly all caught up ;p

    Thanks again, please keep up the good work it’s much appreciated.

  7. Any iOS (iPhone) App recommendations? Don’t know if you/or associations have BTC converters on those platforms. Especially like the Bits, mBTC, Satoshi, BTC for checking decimal equivalents and then seeing what it converts to in local currency for small amounts. Super handy and unique.

    Thanks, Anthony La Russo

  8. Hey guys what’s going on!

    Love the Podcast! Always enjoyable, I think you bring a sense of.. ordinary to an insanely technical discussion, which most podcasts overlook.

    I would love to inquire about potential co-promotional opportunities between enjoybitcoins and youmeandbtc. It would be great to help promote your videos on our site and share your visions with our visitors. We generally target those new to Bitcoin and I think your discussions bring an element of excitement that is needed.

    Let me know if this is something that interests you and we can go from there.

    Thanks for your time, keep killin it.

    Jordan Ale


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