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SatoshiDice – Still the Original and the Best Bitcoin Dice Game

SatoshiDice Bitcoin Dice Site

Being the first in something doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll always be the best. For example, Steve Jobs wasn’t the first person to make an MP3 player – but he became the best. SatoshiDice has broken that mould, however, with their Bitcoin dice site.

One of the First

SatoshiDice is a Bitcoin casino style site that was first set up in 2012. While many other Bitcoin dice sites have come out of the woodwork since …

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LibertyVPS Review: Buy Offshore Hosting With Bitcoin

Bitcoin Web Hosting

Author: JP Buntinx

The Bottom Line

LibertyVPS is not a cheap provider, but they do respect privacy and accept Bitcoin payments. For more professional users, this service is definitely worth the money.

A virtual private server can be used for a wide variety of things, ranging from hosting a website or project to running a complete Bitcoin Node. But not all of the VPS providers in the world offer the same type of functionality, as …

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Bitcoin Gambling at – Casino Review

Bitcoin Gambling at

This is an overview of, one of the leading online gambling casinos that allows users to gamble with cryptocurrencies. Your gambling currency is not limited to Bitcoins. You can also gamble with six other coins: Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, Peercoin, Gridcoin and even Gamecredits!

Presented in August 2014, is not your average gambling platform. It is packed with impressive features that make the site truly unique.

One thing that makes the site more …

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BIT-X Bitcoin Debit Card Review: Spend Bitcoin Anywhere

BIT-X Bitcoin Debit Card

You and I both know that Bitcoin is revolutionary, but not everyone else agrees yet. There are still plenty of retailers and services out there that do not officially accept Bitcoin. That’s why I was instantly interested when I learned that some cryptocompanies offer Bitcoin-funded debit cards. They make it possible to spend your Bitcoin at any place that accepts credit cards (which is nearly everywhere these days).

Credit cards definitely have their issues, but …

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Crypto Vault Review – Physical Bitcoin Storage

Crypto Vault Review

Below is a Crypto Vault review by YMB’s own Tim Baker. The online shop sells a few products designed for safe physical Bitcoin storage.

In this video, Tim will show off a numbered copper/nickel round with space to store a private key and a tamper-evident label that came included. He’ll also explain a bit about how the cold storage process works. Enjoy!

Be sure to visit to find out more about these physical Bitcoin …

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Android App Review: BTC Faucets Bitcoin

by Tim Baker

  Until recently, I hadn’t used a Bitcoin faucet for several years. I lost most of my interest when the price went above $100, but I decided to try out the BTC Faucets Bitcoin app on Google Play. This app groups together and manages a total of 37 Bitcoin faucet sites that work through Coinbox, BitChest, and I used my Motorola X for testing.

There is no registration required, so the …

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Bitcoin Black Friday at Newegg

Bitcoin Black Friday at Newegg

Hello my name is Tim and I have a confession to make. I have many vices, but this is the one that I am most ashamed of: I am a money hoarder. Every time I play a video game with a monetary system, I become a miser of epic proportions. And there is no currency that I am more miserly with than our orange beauty, Bitcoin. However, I have been making an effort recently to …

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