Crypto in the Caucasus – Why This Region Is Such a Hotspot for Miners

Crypto in the Caucasus

The Caucasus, especially the countries within this region have never necessarily struck as attractions for crypto investment in the past. At least the region has not to be placated as the go-to destination for blockchain development. However, it's slowly becoming obvious that the countries in this region know what they're doing with fintech and are not prepared to back down for anybody.

The region has seen some of the biggest growth when it comes to …

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Binance Is Afraid The World Can’t Keep Up With China In Blockchain

Binance CEO

The CEO of Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, mentioned in an interview with Bloomberg Asia that the world is going to enter a technology race in developing as many blockchain systems in as many industries and government sectors as possible.

However, Changpeng Zhao, also knowns as CZ has mentioned that China has become extremely technology friendy and therefore will be a tough opponent even if every single Western country unites …

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IRS “Rewards” Compliant Crypto Holders With Tax Refunds

Internal Revenue Service

The Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America has recently issued several tax refunds to citizens that accurately declared their crypto possessions.

Back in August 2019, the IRS had issued warnings and sent letters to a couple of known crypto investors that the assets that were in their possession are subject to taxation, and therefore would be appropriated with a fine if failing to comply with taxing laws.

Many crypto investors didn't worry …

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How Zuckerberg Tried to Sell Libra as a Weapon Against China

Facebook's Libra

On the 23rd of October, the United States House of Representatives Financial Services Committee heard testimony from the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

This time, the focus was not on Facebook selling user data to advertisers or the highest bidder, but the potential threats that the new Libra Association could potentially bring to not only the US financial industry but to the global one as well.

The main topics of discussion were the compliance of …

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What Do the New IRS Crypto Taxing Guidelines Mean?

New cryptocurrency tax guidelines have been released by the Internal Revenue Service, which has caused some commotion in the cryptocurrency industry due to how uninformed the IRS actually is about the subject.

The taxation seems to be targeting almost every means of crypto trading including Bitcoin robots. According to this Learnbonds Bitcoin Era review, the revenue and profit are directly calculated through "speculation" even though it's classified under high-frequency trading very common on Wall …

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Crypto Casinos Are the Future of Gambling

The advent of cryptocurrencies has fundamentally changed the world of finances in many aspects. The new, blockchain-based technology with virtually no safety breaches and instantaneous transactions provides never-before-seen opportunities to customers and businesses alike.

New possibilities arise for the gambling industry as well. Even though many casinos, still run on traditional wallet technologies for deposit and withdrawal purposes, there are some providers that have already started implementing new technologies.

In this article, we'll take a …

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Will Crypto Transactions Help the Venezuelan Economy?

The Venezuelan economy has been in terrible shape in the last couple of decades as it's been going through hyperinflation to a point where the local currency is as good as a roll of toilet paper.

Because of this, the local population was forced to either emigrate outside of the country to nations that have a better economic condition or stay in Venezuela and somehow combat the issues from within.

On top of the hyperinflation, …

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High Steaks: 6 Real-Life Gambles You Take Every Single Day

High Steaks

A few days ago, we spoke to a crypto fund manager who likes to gamble. He uses machine learning and other technology to maximize his profit. And that got me thinking...

It's no secret that Bitcoin and other blockchain technology has revolutionized online gambling. It's almost hard to find a sportsbook that doesn't accept cryptocurrency these days. Fast, secure, cheap payments are a godsend in such a high-risk industry (pun kind of intended).

Whether …

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