Bitcoin and the Arts

Forget Tidal: Be Your Own Artist – Bitcoin and the Arts #4

Tidal Music Streaming

This is John Stuart's fourth Bitcoin and the Arts podcast!

This month, John's chatting about a new music streaming service called Tidal. It's supposed to be an amazing innovation for artists because it should give them more control over their music, but John has some doubts. For one thing, the artists currently running Tidal are already extremely popular and presumably prosperous names like Jay Z, Madonna, Daft Punk, Calvin Harris, etc.

So do "artists" …

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Liberty Art at Create – Bitcoin and the Arts #3

All Liberty - Liberty Art at Create

In his never-ending quest to discover and share Bitcoin art and liberty-oriented masterpieces, John Stuart has started exploring Create. The platform was launched just a few weeks ago and aims to provide an exciting space for freedom lovers to share and browse liberty art. With categories for images, music, and film, it's the perfect place for all kinds of beautiful work.

In today's show, John will explain how the service works and why …

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YT Cracker’s Introducing Neals – Bitcoin and the Arts #2

This is John Stuart's second Bitcoin and the Arts special! Today, he'll chat about YT Cracker's new album, Introducing Neals. John doesn't always like rap, but he loves YT and he loves this album. It's the story of a man struggling to resist. Enjoy!

Remember to tune in the first Saturday of every month for more Bitcoin and the Arts with John Stuart.

Leave a comment and let us know if you plan …

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VAT for Digital Services – Bitcoin and the Arts #1

Welcome to YMB's first ever monthly special series, Bitcoin and the Arts with John Stuart. We ran a segment like this once before during our regular Thursday show, but we've since decided that it will work wonderfully as a monthly special. Tune in the first Saturday of every month to hear John's perspective on how Bitcoin is impacting all types of artists around the globe.

Today, he'll be chatting about some new value-added tax regulations …

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