YMB: Your Liberty & Bitcoin Podcast

YMB Podcast E5: The Government and Bitcoin

The government is no man's friend. Recently lawmakers have become more and more tangled up with Bitcoin and that cannot be a good thing. Charlie Shrem, CEO of BitInstant and Vice Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, was recently arrested for drug and Bitcoin related activity. New York held hearings on Bitcoin and the FBI plans to sell off its booty from the conquest of Dread Pirate Roberts and The Silk Road. Join us …

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YMB Podcast E4: Bitcoin Adoption, Regulation, and Privacy

Almost every day the Bitcoin community is hearing about new people and places that are beginning to accept Bitcoin. This is great news of course, but it could attract the unwanted attention of lawmakers. In this week's episode, we explore the possible dangers of expansion and some ways to mitigate the risks of using Bitcoin with services like Dark Wallet and CoinJoin. Tim Baker, John Stuart, and myself, Daniel Brown, are your hosts. This …

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YMB Podcast E3: The New Year In Bitcoin

New Year's resolutions do not always turn out well. They often get forgotten, delayed, or flat out broken, but that does not make them useless. We have plans for 2014 and we want to talk about them. Join us as we map out our Bitcoin dreams. In short, we would like to hang on to our Bitcoins as much as possible, buy a few more when we can, tell others about the benefits of cryptocurrency, …

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YMB Podcast E2: Bitcoin Scams and Trust

The Bitcoin world is full of scammers looking to make a quick buck, but cryptocurrency completely redefines the way we trust people and still brings great benefits. Join us this week as Tim Baker and I discuss this amazing new form of trust and explore the ways that the government forces us to trust certain people and organizations, especially through taxes. This is Episode 2 of the You, Me, and BTC Podcast. Enjoy!

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YMB Podcast E1: Bitcoin Ethics and a Miner’s Story

While this is technically our third recording, we are officially labeling it Episode 1 of the You, Me, and Bitcoin Podcast. Join us as we discuss the right and wrong of all things Bitcoin. We will freely explore political ideas like voluntaryism, libertarianism, and anarcho-capitalism and how they apply to Bitcoin. We will finish with our own personal story of Bitcoin mining with an ASIC device from Butterfly Labs. We also have …

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