Crypto in the Music Industry – What Can It Possibly Change?

crypto in music

Since the days of peer-to-peer music file sharing and downloadable music, the music streaming industry has come quite a long way. The rapid spread of the internet, that made it readily accessible nearly everywhere, and the ever-increasing download speeds, that served as the catalyst for the rapid spread of music sharing phenomenon.

The music industry has since witnessed the introduction of regulations and licensing structures, enabling music streaming companies to monetize on the content, and …

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Fca Starts Repairing Brexit Collateral Damage With Crypto Companies

FCA crypto taxes

Brexit was finally approved on January 31st and the UK was given an 11-month transition period to set everything up for the future of the country's adjustment to the new financial and political reality.

Sure, the Brexit dilemma has been eating away at the UK economy for more than 3 years now, but the actual act of approving such a massive transition was more than enough to quickly adjust the markets, both centralized and decentralized.…

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Crypto Regulations in Indonesia – What You Need to Know in 2020

Indonesia crypto regulations

The cryptocurrency market has been growing in popularity for the population of Indonesia. Several government officials in the financial department believe that the number of crypto investors has reached the same number of traditional stock market speculators.

Because of this, there was an imminent demand for regulating the cryptocurrency market in the country for the sake of investor safety. However, many believe that the methods that the local government used were a bit too harsh, …

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Xrp – Was It Worth the Wait?

XRP predictions 2020

After two years of intense bearish sentiment, it seems that XRP has finally found its goldilocks zone between the $0.247 support a $0.259 resistance level.

Although it seems like XRP has been facing the challenge of overcoming this exchange rate for the past couple of months, it's not necessarily the case. You see, the challenge that XRP has been facing is much worse when we take a better look.

Over the last 24 months, XRP's …

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Dark Clouds over Facebook’s Libra as Vodafone Decides to Quit

Vodafone quits Libra

Is Facebook's Libra beginning to look like an elaborate bluff? Or was it just another crypto hype from the very start? Well, dark clouds start to gather over Zuck's newest enterprise as the British telecom giant, Vodafone leaves the project. The Finacial Times broke the news later last week, adding to the whole litany of problems, faced by Mark Zuckerberg.

There are already serious doubts if Libra will really take off the ground, following the

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CBDC Tendency Shows to Be Higher in Developing Nations

Central Bank digital currencies

Central Bank Digital Currencies may have only recently started to gain some traction in the general blockchain community, but it's predicted that 2020 will be a completely new chapter for this rather young sector of the industry.

Naturally, it doesn't necessarily represent the true aspects of the blockchain, such as decentralization and identity protection, but it does bring in some very handy perks such as momentary confirmation for large transactions and very little overhead.

Although …

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Bitcoin Experiences an 8% Drop Overnight, Is Stuck at $8,643.80

Bitcoin price

Just within 24 hours, bitcoin fell from $9,200 to $8.643.80 and the industry expert has been warning the bitcoin uses about this for a while. According to some media outlets, this is a sign of buyer exhaustion and says that the bitcoin price could go even lower at $8,200-$8,000. Bitcoin is making attempts to pass the 200-day average at $9,027 if the cryptocurrency manages to hold the steady $8,461 value.

The cryptocurrency had a somewhat …

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How Turkey’s New Crypto Regulations Are Good News For Bitcoin

Turkey crypto regulation

According to new amendments made into the crypto regulation of Turkey, the region may be seeing a completely revamped reality for the blockchain industry.

Earlier this week, The Capital Markets Board of Turkey, also known as the CMB addressed the public in a press release, saying that additional changes to the reinforcement of investor security would be made to the Turkish crypto regulation.

What this means is that the current regulation on allowing crypto …

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