Crypto in the Caucasus – Why This Region Is Such a Hotspot for Miners

Crypto in the Caucasus

The Caucasus, especially the countries within this region have never necessarily struck as attractions for crypto investment in the past. At least the region has not to be placated as the go-to destination for blockchain development. However, it's slowly becoming obvious that the countries in this region know what they're doing with fintech and are not prepared to back down for anybody.

The region has seen some of the biggest growth when it comes to …

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CBDC Tendency Shows to Be Higher in Developing Nations

Central Bank digital currencies

Central Bank Digital Currencies may have only recently started to gain some traction in the general blockchain community, but it's predicted that 2020 will be a completely new chapter for this rather young sector of the industry.

Naturally, it doesn't necessarily represent the true aspects of the blockchain, such as decentralization and identity protection, but it does bring in some very handy perks such as momentary confirmation for large transactions and very little overhead.

Although …

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Bitcoin Experiences an 8% Drop Overnight, Is Stuck at $8,643.80

Bitcoin price

Just within 24 hours, bitcoin fell from $9,200 to $8.643.80 and the industry expert has been warning the bitcoin uses about this for a while. According to some media outlets, this is a sign of buyer exhaustion and says that the bitcoin price could go even lower at $8,200-$8,000. Bitcoin is making attempts to pass the 200-day average at $9,027 if the cryptocurrency manages to hold the steady $8,461 value.

The cryptocurrency had a somewhat …

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Instant Privacy & Bug Bounties – YMB Podcast E297

You, Me, and BTC Podcast E297

This is episode 297 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

Dan gets a little triggered in this one. He knows his stuff when it comes to the internet and he's gonna let you have it.

The gang will cover some 3 second steps to privacy, how bug bounty programs work, and more. Tune in now!

Your hosts this week are Daniel Brown and Tim Baker. Don't forget to scroll down …

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Back Talk – Tim’s Two Cents #58

Tim's Two Cents #58

This is episode 58 of Tim's Two Cents, the hypest podcast on your feed every week.

This week, Tim talks about talking. He'll explore the conversations we have every minute with those around us.

What do you talk about with your friends? What about your closest friends?

Tim'll try to figure out what makes conversations tick. Tune in now!

We'd also like to thank this week's sponsor, eToro. Sign up in seconds and practice …

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2020 Predictions – YMB Podcast E296

You, Me, and BTC Podcast E296

This is episode 296 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

We cover the holidays and make some 2020 predictions. What more could you possibly want right now?

Tune in!

Your hosts this week are Daniel Brown and Tim Baker. Don't forget to scroll down so you can share your thoughts in the comments.

We'd also like to thank today's sponsor, eToro. Sign up in seconds and practice trading the …

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How Turkey’s New Crypto Regulations Are Good News For Bitcoin

Turkey crypto regulation

According to new amendments made into the crypto regulation of Turkey, the region may be seeing a completely revamped reality for the blockchain industry.

Earlier this week, The Capital Markets Board of Turkey, also known as the CMB addressed the public in a press release, saying that additional changes to the reinforcement of investor security would be made to the Turkish crypto regulation.

What this means is that the current regulation on allowing crypto …

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Bitcoin Proves To Be A Safe Haven Alternative With The Iran Crisis

Bitcoin Iran

There have been two occasions where Bitcoin was considered an alternative safe haven to gold and cash. The first occasion was when it first hit the markets and started to trade around for extremely low prices, and the second was when it hit its highest valuation in 2017.

Ever since then, the debate on whether or not the alternative safe has argument is true has been raging across multiple platforms.

However, we have now …

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