Free Speech Permit – Tim’s Two Cents #19

Tim's Two Cents on Free Speech

This is episode 19 of Tim's Two Cents – the outrageous show where Tim argues with himself.

As he did last week, Tim will continue his departure from the old "point and counterpoint" form. In this episode, he'll dive into the infamous concept of free speech. In particular, he'll cover public demonstration, violent and nonviolent.

Does nonviolent protest really accomplish anything? Can anyone actually argue in favor of violent protest? How should we respond …

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This Crypto Startup Will Pay You to Own People on Fortnite

Video games have changed a lot since Atari was first released in 1972. At the time, it was an innovative, new entertainment medium that has since adapted and matured into a full-fledged media juggernaut. What was once characterized as an alternative preoccupation for the athletically challenged has blossomed into one of the most popular entertainment platforms in the world.

The potent combination of powerful PC gaming rigs, compelling stand-alone gaming platforms, and ubiquitous mobile gaming …

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Coinbase’s “Charity” Fund, Facebook Revives (Some) Crypto Ads, & More – YMB Podcast E248

You, Me, and BTC Podcast E248

This is episode 248 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

We love charity, of course. But do we really want Coinbase in charge of it? The company is already notorious for mishandling customers and cash, so why would anyone trust them to give money away properly?

Ok, maybe I'm being a bit harsh. Maybe they'll do some great things. Let's talk it over tonight.

And later in the show, let's …

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Finding the Best Bitcoin Online Poker

Popular online casinos such as 888Poker offer a large variety of banking methods that ensure transactions are fast, offer low to no fees and give you the opportunity to make withdrawals within seconds.

However, with the introduction of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the world of online transactions has changed to become even faster while still including high levels of security. At the same time, these currencies have introduced a new range of risks, especially …

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Bitcoin, eh? – The Coin Pod, Ep. 20

This week, The Coin Pod travels (virtually) to Canada to learn about the state of Bitcoin mining, regulation, adoption, etc. from Francis Pouliot, long-time advocate and activist and CEO of Satoshi Portal.

Francis offers a unique perspective on the political, social, and technical aspects of Bitcoin and the roles he's played in each sphere. Canada is a relatively tech-savvy nation of early adopters with enormous potential to become a hub not only for …

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Country Fried Discrimination – Tim’s Two Cents #18

Tim's Two Cents on Discrimination

This is episode 18 of Tim's Two Cents – the outrageous show where Tim argues with himself.

This episode is a bit of a departure from past episodes. Instead of focusing on a belief system or -ism, Tim talks about something that many people on Twitter freak out about. This week's show is all about the right to refuse service to someone based on their race, orientation, or political affiliations.

It's a topic at the …

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Guest Adam Meister on SEC Chatter, the Ultimate Bitcoin Mystery, & More – YMB Podcast E247

Adam Meister on You, Me, and BTC Podcast E247

This is episode 247 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

"Bitcoin - buy and hold." So reads the Twitter bio of this week's esteemed guest. He keeps things real simple and we like that. What more is there to say?

But seriously, Adam Meister is outstanding and we couldn't be more excited to have him. He Hosts The 1 Bitcoin Show and he really, really knows his stuff.

One topic …

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Things You Used to Love That You Don’t Love Anymore – Unpopular Opinions #3

Unpopular Opinions #3

This is episode 3 of a brand new YMB Network show with a brand new host. It's Unpopular Opinions with Ryan Tofil and it's gonna take your hide for a ride.

This one's all about things you used to love but now hate with a burning passion. Or at least you might love these things a little less than you used to.

It's easy to just ramble about the good ol' days. But what about …

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