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OG Bitcoiner Delivers Massive Rant on Current State of Crypto – YMB Podcast E265

You, Me, and BTC Podcast E265

This is episode 265 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

Look, you know we're not huge fans of CoinDesk nor fans of clicky headlines. But this one got me, hook, line, and sinker:

Enough with the ICO-Me-So-Horny-Get-Rich-Quick-Lambo Crypto

And honestly, it's a pretty good article (probably because CoinDesk didn't really write it). It's a letter from an OG Bitcoiner who is clearly fed up with the way cryptocurrency turned out. …

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More Free Speech & Privacy with ZenCash Co-Founder Rob Viglione – YMB Podcast E256

Freeze Peach

This is episode 256 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

First up today, we'll introduce our genius guest and share his story. Rob Viglione helped found ZenCash, one of the most respected privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies out there. But his team hopes to turn the project into an entire platform packed with anonymous features. Rob is a serious liberty lover, so we're excited to learn how he's making the world more free.…

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5 Things You Can Do With Bitcoins

When Bitcoin was launched in 2009, it was only viewed as an exciting concept, but now it has so many other uses. The list below outlines some of the best ways you can use the world's leading cryptocurrency.


For many people, Bitcoin is primarily an investment vehicle. Just like with stocks, investors trade Bitcoins through exchanges. This causes the currency's value to fluctuate based on supply and demand. Speculators can therefore invest in …

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Expect to Be Watched – YMB Podcast E124

Government Observers

This is episode 124 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

The United States Supreme Court recently ruled that the FBI could obtain a warrant to access and monitor any device running Tor or other anonymity software. At first, this sounds awful. People certainly don't want to be watched without cause, especially if they might not even know that they're under investigation.

But today, we'll challenge this reaction. Sure, it sucks …

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Bitcoin’s Next Steps (and John Stuart) – YMB Podcast E112

Bitcoin Clown

This is episode 112 of You, Me, and BTC - your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

This week we have a returning special guest, Robert Genito, the CEO of Wall of Coins! He's here to chat about Bitcoin's next steps. What are some new developments that we have to see before Bitcoin can grow? Do we need to make any major changes to the Bitcoin protocol or can we add solutions on top?

We'll also …

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Bitcoin Isn’t for the Masses – YMB Podcast E110

Amir Taaki Bitcoin

This is episode 110 of You, Me, and BTC - your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

Scaling Bitcoin (possibly by increasing the block size) has recently been a huge topic in the Bitcoin community and on our show. Many people want to make changes so the network can handle more transactions. This would allow more people to use Bitcoin more often, helping it "go mainstream," as they say.

At times, we hosts have generally felt …

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YMB Podcast E46: White Thursday

Just one week ago, on November 6, a number of hidden websites on the Tor network were seized by law enforcement and several alleged black market masterminds were arrested. We're dubbing the day White Thursday, a day on which darkness and anonymity were attacked.

Although government agents have claimed that the Tor network is compromised, many dark markets continue to operate. Were our governments lying about their accomplishments? Did they really find a flaw …

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YMB Podcast E43: Anonymity Opposites and Broken Banking

To kick things off this week, we'll be chatting about two news bits from opposite sides of the anonymity spectrum. On the bad side: one crypto-exchange, Melotic, is now requiring users to submit identification information. On the good side: the team behind Dark Wallet has just released another alpha version of the privacy-centric Bitcoin wallet.

Then later in the show, we’ll discuss a European clearing house that recently crashed for several hours and the Kraken …

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