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Exclusive Black Satoshi Interview: This Rapper Got Coin Like Mario – YMB Podcast E218

You, Me, and BTC Podcast E218

This is episode 218 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

Today's episode is extra special. We get to sit down with one of the hottest new crypto rappers in the world, 88N8. This dude recently dropped one of the coolest Bitcoin raps we've ever heard so we just had to get him on the show. He's the black Satoshi and he got coin like Mario.

Honestly, we're gonna have a …

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Taylor Swift, Streaming, Ascribe, & Why My Music Is Free – Bitcoin and the Arts #7

Bitcoin Music Streaming

This is another Bitcoin and the Arts podcast with John Stuart!

To kick things off this month, John will spend some time chatting about Ascribe. It's a new service that uses the Bitcoin blockchain to manage intellectual property. It also claims to protect copyrights by crawling the internet for illegal copies of art. John will explain how it all works, what he thinks about copyright in general, and why Ascribe might not be very …

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WCN’s Art and Bitcoin – Bitcoin and the Arts #5

Blockchain Music

This is John Stuart's fifth Bitcoin and the Arts podcast!

First up this month, John will recap some of the live broadcast we did to announce the #DontExposeEvil meme contest winners. He'll explain why he thinks art can be such a powerful medium and why memes are perfect for spreading the messages of Bitcoin and peace.

Then later in the show, he'll review the following Art and Bitcoin episode that aired on the World …

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Forget Tidal: Be Your Own Artist – Bitcoin and the Arts #4

Tidal Music Streaming

This is John Stuart's fourth Bitcoin and the Arts podcast!

This month, John's chatting about a new music streaming service called Tidal. It's supposed to be an amazing innovation for artists because it should give them more control over their music, but John has some doubts. For one thing, the artists currently running Tidal are already extremely popular and presumably prosperous names like Jay Z, Madonna, Daft Punk, Calvin Harris, etc.

So do "artists" …

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