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Bitcoin Crowdfunding – Bitcoin and the Arts #6

Bitcoin Crowdfunding

Welcome to another edition of John Stuart's Bitcoin and the Arts podcast! This month's show is all about Bitcoin crowdfunding. Many services, like Swarm and Lighthouse, are working hard to perfect the concept by using Bitcoin to improve decentralization. John will touch on how Bitcoin can eliminate trust from the crowdfunding model, the true spirit of crowdfunding, and much more.

Below are some of the articles he'll cover this month.

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YMB Podcast Special: BTCJam’s Alexis Aiono at Bitcoin in the Beltway

BTCJam is a unique Bitcoin lending platform that has the potential to significantly change the world of financing. The service facilitates peer-to-peer crowdfunded loans and allows users to begin investing with any amount of money. We interviewed Alexis Aiono at the Bitcoin in the Beltway conference to get all the details. In today's special, she will explain how the service was created, the extensive algorithm behind their credit ratings, and tons more. Tune in for …

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YMB Podcast E20: Bitcoin and World Leaders

In this week's episode of the You, Me, and BTC Podcast, we will consider two interesting forms of political intervention with Bitcoin. The first is a decision to allow donations to election campaigns in the form of Bitcoins. This is certainly exciting, but there are some fairly significant restrictions and requirements that came with the ruling as well. The second way to influence politics with Bitcoin is almost the opposite. The Assassination Market is …

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The Evolution of Music and Money

By guest contributor, John Stuart

Hey all, my name is John Stuart. I’m an avid music fan with a passion for Bitcoin. There may not seem to be a whole lot of overlap between the two, but I hope to change that by the end of this article. I’ll stick to talking mostly about music, because that’s what I know, but I’m going to try to relate everything to Bitcoin. I hope you find it …

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