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Net Neutrality and Bitcoin – Bits & Pieces #18

Net Neutrality and Bitcoin

Net neutrality has been an insanely hot topic recently. I've always been proud of the overlap between the Bitcoin and liberty-loving communities, but the net neutrality debate has been an important reminder that varying opinions exist within both groups. Quite honestly, I was surprised that some of my favorite Bitcoiners would advocate this kind of government regulation.

Net Neutrality Causes Problems

It would be very easy for me to say that all government regulation is …

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Bitcoin’s P2P Nature – Bits & Pieces #10

Bitcoin is P2P

Just last night, one of my favorite Bitcoiners, Jeffrey Tucker, released a brand new book, Bit by Bit. It's all about how P2P technology is changing our world for the better. We've had Mr. Tucker on our show a few times before and his understanding of Bitcoin is superb.

In light of this release, I thought I might take some time to explain the peer-to-peer nature of Bitcoin. What makes it P2P and why …

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YMB Christmas Day 6: Jeffrey Tucker

Jeffrey Tucker

This is day six of the Twelve Days of YMB Christmas! Today, we're speaking with Jeffrey Tucker, the Chief Liberty Officer of Liberty.me. He's joined us before for a special in July 2014, and we loved having him. That's why he's back to tell us some important ways in which Bitcoin has developed over the past year and how it can continue to change our world. He'll even share a story about a helicopter …

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YMB Podcast E27: Virtual Bitcoin Meetup #2

Last Monday, the YMB Team hosted our second virtual Bitcoin meetup in a Google Hangout. Our first was about a month ago and we had so much fun we had to go again. Anyone was welcome and encouraged to join us and talk about anything crypto-related. Several guests joined us briefly and one cool dude, Josh, decided to stay for most of the time. Our discussion generally focused on the talks that we attended at …

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