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2X Is Not the Only Impending Bitcoin Fork – YMB Podcast E196

You, Me, and BTC Podcast E196
This is episode 196 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast. We all know SegWit2x is a hot topic these days and may lead to another Bitcoin chain split. But what about the other possible fork, Bitcoin Gold? Could it possibly have any success? Should we expect forks on forks on forks to come soon? Bcash's price never came close to Bitcoin's but it certainly had (and has) some value. Could ...

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YMB Podcast E12: More Gold and Silver With CoinStax’s Rob Michael

CoinStax Sells Gold and Silver For Bitcoin
We have been talking about precious metals quite a bit recently, and the conversation continues this week. The truth is, Bitcoin, gold, and silver are all very similar in the way that they are given value, but they have different strengths and weaknesses too. We are excited to have another fantastic guest with us this week, Robert Michael. He is the founder of CoinStax.com, a brand new bullion dealer that exclusively accepts Bitcoin. He will ...

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YMB Podcast E10: Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Funny Money

We have reached our 10th episode! We are quite proud of this minor but still exciting achievement and we have a great show for you. No one can ignore MtGox these days, so we have to say a few words about its passing. Later in this episode, we chat about the similarities and differences between Bitcoin and precious metals. We need your help convincing Franklin Sanders that Bitcoin is not broken, so tune in to ...

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