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AT&T Blocks Bitcoin? – YMB Podcast E88

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This is episode 88 of You, Me, and BTC - your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

One Bitcoin user recently discovered that his ISP, AT&T, was blocking the internet port used by Bitcoin Core. We don't know how widespread the issue is or why AT&T chose to do this, but we're still fairly concerned. So today, we'll share more about this story and discuss what it could mean. Is AT&T targeting Bitcoin? How do we feel about gigantic corporations having so much control and so little competition? How easy is it to get around problems like this?

Tune in for our thoughts on all that and tons more! Your hosts are Daniel Brown, Tim Baker, and John Stuart. Enjoy!

We should also mention that since recording this episode, AT&T has claimed that they are not blocking Bitcoin at all. Fortunately, we heavily addressed that possibility in this episode so our discussion is still quite relevant.

Leave a comment and tell us what you think about ISPs having this kind of power!

We'd also like to thank this episode's sponsors, LuckyBit and BitcoinTalk.club.

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