Bitcoin Brothers: Greek Tragedy (or Opportunity?) – YMB Podcast E83

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This is episode 83 of You, Me, and BTC - your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

Today's show comes from a special LIVE event that was broadcast last week. Daniel Brown was joined by Bitcoin Brothers Sam and Steve Patterson to chat about what exactly is going on in Greece and how there might be some opportunity in the financial crisis. We also touched on the importance of diversification, the block size debate, educating the Greek people, and much more.

We should mention that during yesterday's #YMBLive show, we plugged some different topics for today. So if you're looking for our discussion about the blockchain and chicken abuse, you'll have to wait until next week. Enjoy the suspense!

Your host today is Daniel Brown.

Leave a comment and tell us if you think the Greek people will start to see why Bitcoin is so important!

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