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Bitcoin’s Maximum Capacity – YMB Podcast E71

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This is episode 71 of You, Me, and BTC, the planet's most entertaining Bitcoin podcast!

One of the biggest problems that Bitcoin is expected to face in the near future is scalability. New users show up every day and veteran Bitcoiners are always finding new ways to spend their coin. Unfortunately, like everything else in life, Bitcoin has its limits.

This week, we're chatting about an article called The Capacity Cliff, by Mike Hearn. As a Bitcoin developer and former Google employee, he probably knows what he's talking about, and he thinks Bitcoin will max out in less than two years. Today, we'll discuss some of the solutions that have been proposed, like faster networks that run on top of Bitcoin. We'll also explain why Hearn thinks that raising the block size limit is our only viable option, even though it would involve a hard fork.

Your hosts are Tim Baker and Daniel Brown. Enjoy!

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