Dan Was Sexually Assaulted Twice This Week – YMB Podcast E188

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This is episode 188 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

It's dead true. I (Daniel Brown) got felt up by the TSA twice this week. They called it an "enhanced pat down" but the term "sexual assault" is far more fitting. They also went through all my belongings and physically opened up one of my phones. Tonight I need to share my story and explain how it concerns you and your Bitcoins.

I tried to remain calm during the assault, but the experience left me shaken for hours. I'm honestly still extremely shaken. The one and only good thing that came out of this is my new, firsthand knowledge about what the government can and will do to human beings. And this knowledge has revitalized my desire to protect myself (and you!) from such behavior.

So while I'm neither a security expert nor a privacy buff, I'll certainly share some tips that may keep you and your stuff safer during similar encounters. You can NOT miss tonight's tell-all stream.

Oh, and Bitcoin is literally in space now. We'll chat about that news some too.

Tune in tonight at 9PM Eastern and check the list below for some of the specific stories we'll cover!

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