Forkers Be Forkin’ – YMB Podcast E268

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This is episode 268 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

Seems like some people just can't resist the ultimate forking high. Roger Ver and Craig Wright used to back Bcash and trash Bitcoin (Core) as teammates. The two successfully ruled Bcash Land for a time, but the urge to fork was just too strong. So the outlaws turned against each other, each lending allegiance their own version of Bitcoin Cash.

As of today, Bitcoin Cash SV (backed by Craig Wright) started cranking out 128MB blocks. Roger Ver's Bitcoin Cash ABC, on the other hand, introduced some technical changes while keeping blocks limited to 32MB.

My, how the turntables have turned.

We'll share all the details and dive deeper during this week's stream. Many Bitcoin camps have legitimate ideas to promote, but the urge to troll is often just as strong just as strong as the urge to fork. So we'll almost certainly try to trigger these forkers before the night's over.

Tune in for all the fun this evening at 9PM Eastern and check the list below for some of the specific stuff we'll cover!

Your hosts this week are Daniel Brown, Tim Baker, and Zack Voell. Don't forget to scroll down so you can share your thoughts in the comments!

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