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Green Beret: Government Caused Bitcoin Civil War – YMB Podcast E113

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This is episode 113 of You, Me, and BTC - your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

Today's slightly different episode comes from a Bitcoin news show that I helped host earlier this week. We were joined by Mr. Blake Miles, an ex-Green Beret who recently wrote about how the government could be actively attacking Bitcoin with social engineering.

We all know that the Bitcoin community has been enduring a certain kind of civil war lately. We also know that the government probably doesn't like Bitcoin. So Blake, a man with unconventional warfare experience, argues that the bickering may have been designed by military specialists using fake social media accounts.

Today, we'll ask Blake more about how this could be done, how we can stop it, whether or not we should worry about it, and much more. Your hosts are TheOneVortex, Dustin from The Bitcoin Art Gallery, and Daniel Brown. Enjoy!

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