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Minarchism, Dicks, & Why Size Doesn’t Really Matter – Tim’s Two Cents #2

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This is episode 2 of Tim's Two Cents – a brand new show where Tim argues with himself. Join the omniscient genius this week as he explores the exciting world of minarchism.

Some people believe that when it comes to government, less is more. Today, Tim looks into why that's probably a good thing. But he'll also chat about some hypothetical (and real) examples of how even "limited" governments can grow in influence and power. Minarchism certainly has some pros, but it's still not the ultimate solution to life.

Do people collectively benefit when they elect a small group to have a monopoly on violence? Could humans spontaneously and voluntarily assemble in an ordered and peaceful society without a state? Does size really matter?*

Tim will cover all these questions and more as he tries to get a little closer to finding out what's really wrong with the world we live in. Join him and ascend to new heights of knowledge and understanding. Tune in now!

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*Tim insists that he is merely asking this question and it should have no bearing on the public conjecture of his own size (or lack thereof).

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