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Nut Up or Shut Up (Stoicism) – Tim’s Two Cents #8

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This is episode 8 of Tim's Two Cents – the outrageous show where Tim argues with himself.

This week's show is all about Stoicism, an age old philosophy passed down from the Greeks. If it's that old it must be right, right?

Stoics are called to develop a knowledge of the world to gain inner peace and peace with the universe. Those are certainly some lofty ideas, but how well do these ancient tenets hold up to our modern world of uncertainty and seeming irrationality? Can we solve all of life's problems by learning to suffer misfortune without emotion?

Tim will take on those questions and more in this brand new episode about living in accordance with nature. He'll explain why it can help to prepare yourself for when life doesn't go according to plan. But he'll also look at how some Stoic beliefs don't line up with what we now know about the world.

Tune in now and catch Tim's complete list of Stoicism pros and cons!

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