Plantoids: Living Blockchain Art – YMB Podcast E158

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This is episode 158 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

Today's episode is extra special. We decided at the last minute that we'd record live on YouTube and release the show with zero editing, so this week you get to hear us completely uncut.

The topic? Plantoids. Apparently, some people want to use smart contracts to create blockchain-based DAOs (distributed autonomous organizations) that manifest themselves as real life sculptures. Some even suggest that such entities would be artificial life forms.

This sounds pretty darn cool, but is it really life? Is it even art? What makes art art? We'll take on these questions and more over the next hour. And as our resident artist, John will have an especially unique take.

Your hosts this week are Daniel Brown, Tim Baker, and John Stuart. Tune in for our thoughts on art, life, artificial intelligence, and smart contracts!

Leave a comment and tell us if you think plantoids will take over the world!

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