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The Absurdity of Nations and Trials – YMB Podcast E75

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This is episode 75 of You, Me, and BTC, the planet's most entertaining Bitcoin podcast!

First up this week, we're chatting about Wikileaks' new Bitcoin bounty program. The organization is currently offering $100,000 in Bitcoin to anyone who releases missing chapters from the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty. We'll discuss the treaty itself, its possible effects, Wikileaks' motives, and much more.

Then later in the show, we'll spend some time reflecting on Ross Ulbricht. Last week he was sentenced to life in prison for running the Silk Road. We'll chat about how the trial went and what might be next for Ulbricht.

Your hosts are Tim Baker, Daniel Brown, and John Stuart. Enjoy!

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  1. We could all use alot more talks about TPP / TTIP and other international processes. All of us are too uneducated about this. There needs to be a better news machine!

  2. Nice discussion guys–you slightly mangled some of the comments about how copyright and other forms of IP work and the way it works internationally plus the way the TPP process itself works — i explain some of this at http://fee.org/anythingpeaceful/detail/trans-pacific-partnership-is-about-control-not-free-trade — next time you guys want to talk about IP or the TPP I”d be happy to assist or give you some pointers/a brief primer. SK

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