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Tim’s Sick of Paying for Your Patriotic Sports Rituals – YMB Podcast E227

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This is episode 227 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

Today we have another solo episode from the one and only Tim Baker. He'll use his God-given freedom this week to complain about the most dreaded thing in the world: the gub'ment (or more specifically, gub'ment spending).

Timmy's been having to watch the Olymics on TV lately and this dreadful experience set off his anarchist rant protocol. So as usual, he'll spend most of this episode railing against the powers that be.

Plus, stick around for Tim's new (maybe?) idea on how to accurately determine the best cryptocurrency for any given use case.

This show is bound to get your blood pumping so tune in now!

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  1. Hey Tim great episode these solo rants are hilarious^^ just discovered the ymb podcast a couple weeks ago but haven’t missed an episode since:) we happen to work on a project that comes pretty close to the designs you talked about, want to check it out? would be very cool to get your opinion,


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