BloodSweatAndTears – Unpopular Opinions #4

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This is episode 4 of a brand new YMB Network show with a brand new host. It's Unpopular Opinions with Ryan Tofil and it's super titillating.

According to Ryan, this one is undoubtedly the best episode yet. And Bryan Chai will show you why he's, well, unpopular.

If we had to describe this week's show with one word, we'd say "blood, sweat, and tears." That's mostly because of Ryan's rant about the exorbitant cost of video games and who's to blame for it.

First up, Bryan Chai breaks down the Monday Night War and Ryan explains why you should care about it.

Then later in the show, this duo explains why you should not buy any video games right now (aside from your desperate need for an actual life).

Best of all, you can listen to this episode on the go. So whether you're practicing paddle-boarding, crying while in line at the bank, or busy yelling at your dog, pop in some AirPods and listen to Unpopular Opinions.

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