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Jimbo Slice on CTR, Democrats, & Women’s Soccer – Unpopular Opinions #14

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This is episode 14 of Unpopular Opinions with Ryan Tofil. It's a real buzz booster.

Note: This episode was recorded several weeks before it was published.

Jake "Jimbo Slice" Harp is here this week. He's an expert on three things: video games, politics, and soccer. So that's what the guys will talk about this week.

First up, Ryan and Jimmy cover the rerelease of Crash Team Racing. The original was one of their favorite childhood games. But how does the remake stack up against the classic?

Then it's on to the 2020 election. The Democratic Party's debates started recently and, wow. If America continues heading in this direction, we'll have a very different world in about two years.

Finally, we've all heard the griping and moaning from female soccer players. They say that because they tend to place better in women's competitions than the men's team places in men's competitions, the women should be paid more.

Are they right? Kind of, but no. Here's why. Remember, it's called Unpopular Opinions for a reason. Tune in!

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