The US Post Office Literally Robbed Me of $1,400 – Unpopular Opinions #7

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This is episode 7 of a brand new YMB Network show with a brand new host. It's Unpopular Opinions with Ryan Tofil and it's gonna drive you up the wall.

First of all, when Ryan said he doesn't "condemn" racism last week, what he meant was he doesn't condone racism. He got the two words mixed up and it led to a very different meaning. Long story short, he's an idiot.

But apparently, Ryan and Bryan have dealt with even bigger idiots than each other. And boy are they mad. Well, at least Ryan is. Bryan's pretty calm, but that's because he's got a belly full of perogies and lo mein.

This week's top story is all about when the post office cheated Ryan out of over ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. It was closer to $1,400, actually. The guys will share the story of how it all went down and why Ryan refuses to mail ANYTHING via the USPS.

It's the YMB Network's newest show, Unpopular Opinions. And it's aptly named because these two guys are, well, unpopular. Since they can't get people to pay attention to them in person, they have to do it on the greatest* podcast ever created. Tune in now!

*This is subjective

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