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This is episode 261 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

If you've kept up with YMB, you know that Dan was out of town for awhile and things got quite hectic 'round here. Dan's absence is nothing new, but this is probably the longest and most destructive Dan-free streak we've ever had.

The main problem was that we left Tim in charge and he has no clue how to work our website. So this episode only existed on YouTube until now, with no shownotes and no title. So we'll just leave it untitled and see what happens. We'll also backdate this post so our podcast feed still looks nice and neat.

And heck, let's leave the topics a surprise too. If you really want to know what Tim talked about, tune in now!


Your host this week is Tim Baker. Don't forget to scroll down so you can share your thoughts in the comments!

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