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What’s the Matter With Nothing Mattering? – Tim’s Two Cents #6

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This is episode 6 of Tim's Two Cents – a brand new show where Tim argues with himself.

This episode doesn't really matter. It's all about nihilism so why would you even listen?

Okay, but seriously. Nihilism is now an ingrained part of almost all popular culture. Many creatives espouse the idea that nothing truly matters and no one can claim to have figured out a concrete moral system. But when it comes down to it, most plebs still have strong ideas about right and wrong. How does that work?

In this brand spanking new episode, Tim figures out the benefits of telling yourself nothing ultimately matters. Then he flip flops hardcore and finds the negatives to there being no discernible truth in the universe.

Tune in now to hear the terrifying inner workings of Tim's mind on the subject. (Or not. What's it matter anyway?)

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