YMB Podcast E28: Bitcoin Theft and Security

Protect your Bitcoins with Google AuthenticatorThe Bitcoin world has been buzzing quite a bit recently about stolen coins. Several well-known people including Davi Barker and Liz Reitzig were tweeting about lost funds and encouraging the use of two-factor authentication. We are here to tell all about that and explain some ways that you can protect yourself. One way is with the Mycelium Entropy, which is an amazing new device that can create secure paper wallets with the push of a button.

Some other stolen funds have also been making headlines lately. A French cryptocurrency trading ring had coins seized just days ago by police who said that the traders needed a permit. We will also discuss the Bitcoins stolen from the Silk Road, which were recently auctioned off and sold to Tim Draper for an unknown price. Tune in! Your hosts are Tim Baker, Daniel Brown, and John Stuart.

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