YMB Podcast E31: Bits and Pieces

John Stuart's Bitcoin MusicThis episode of the You, Me, and BTC Podcast is a collection of short bits and pieces that we have been saving up for quite awhile. To kick things off, we will chat a bit about our new theme music created by John Stuart and we will play an ad that we created for Chain Radio, which will now be airing our show every Monday at 7 PM Eastern. We will also get two more cool samples of John's music, including an electronic remix that he is working on for Adam Kokesh and a Bitcoin song that the three of us wrote together. Later in the show, we will play a montage of mini interviews that we grabbed at Bitcoin in the Beltway and we will discuss a short article about money that was shared with us there. Tune in for all this and more! Your hosts are Tim Baker, Daniel Brown, and John Stuart. Enjoy!

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