YMB Podcast E34: Cryptolina and the Bitcoin Dip

The Cryptolina Bitcoin ExpoTo begin today’s show, we’ll be sharing a bit about last weekend’s Cryptolina Bitcoin Expo. Everyone's favorite host, Daniel Brown, made the trip to North Carolina and got to meet all kinds of cool people, listen to some fascinating talks, and even did a live broadcast during the after-party. We’ll tell you all about it and play a short clip recorded on the road. Then later in the show, we’ll chat about the slight dip we’re seeing in the Bitcoin price and explain what it means for all of us users. To wrap things up this week, we’ll discuss some big news from Coinbase. They are acquiring Blockr.io, a slick Bitcoin block explorer. Tune in for all of that and more! Your hosts are Tim Baker and Daniel Brown. Enjoy!

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