YMB: Your Liberty & Bitcoin Podcast

YMB Podcast E51: The Changetip Debate

Changetip Bitcoin Tipping
This is day five of our Twelve Days of YMB Christmas extravaganza! Today we're talking about Changetip, a popular Bitcoin tipping network. One critic recently published an article explaining some of the service's flaws. Tim generally agrees with this ...

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YMB Podcast E48: Whitelists and Blacklists

Today, we're talking about whitelisting and blacklisting with Bitcoin addresses. Many people fear that address discrimination is wrong and could ruin Bitcoin. At first, we thought that's exactly where we would stand on the issue, but our discussion today ...

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YMB Podcast E46: White Thursday

Just one week ago, on November 6, a number of hidden websites on the Tor network were seized by law enforcement and several alleged black market masterminds were arrested. We're dubbing the day White Thursday, a day on which ...

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