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Crypto Vault Review – Physical Bitcoin Storage

Crypto Vault Review

Below is a Crypto Vault review by YMB's own Tim Baker. The online shop sells a few products designed for safe physical Bitcoin storage.

In this video, Tim will show off a numbered copper/nickel round with space to store a private key and a tamper-evident label that came included. He'll also explain a bit about how the cold storage process works. Enjoy!

Be sure to visit to find out more about these physical Bitcoin …

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Android App Review: BTC Faucets Bitcoin

by Tim Baker

  Until recently, I hadn't used a Bitcoin faucet for several years. I lost most of my interest when the price went above $100, but I decided to try out the BTC Faucets Bitcoin app on Google Play. This app groups together and manages a total of 37 Bitcoin faucet sites that work through Coinbox, BitChest, and I used my Motorola X for testing.

There is no registration required, so the …

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Bitcoin Black Friday at Newegg

Bitcoin Black Friday at Newegg

Hello my name is Tim and I have a confession to make. I have many vices, but this is the one that I am most ashamed of: I am a money hoarder. Every time I play a video game with a monetary system, I become a miser of epic proportions. And there is no currency that I am more miserly with than our orange beauty, Bitcoin. However, I have been making an effort recently to …

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Escrow My Bits: A New Bitcoin Escrow Service

Escrow My Bits Bitcoin Escrow Service

Escrow My Bits is a brand new service designed to handle several different kinds of Bitcoin escrow. I recently spoke to the service's creator, Josh, to learn more about what it is and how it works.

For those who are willing to place their full trust in Escrow My Bits, the company offers two types of traditional escrow, where…

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BitLasers Review: Buy High Quality Lasers With Bitcoin

BitLasers is an online shop that sells high-powered, high quality lasers exclusively for Bitcoin. We put Tim Baker, our best video reviewer, to work giving one of these awesome gadgets a try. He will tell all about his experience in the video below. Technically, these lasers are sold as "parts kits" in order to avoid customs issues, but Tim will explain the simple assembly. He will also show just how powerful the beams of these …

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Bitcoin Silver Wallet Review

Below is a video review of the brand new do it yourself silver Bitcoin wallets available from (coming soon, see this thread for now). They are one ounce silver rounds with space for a private key and holograms included for security. Essentially, they are physical Bitcoins that you put together on your own.

Because of this, they cannot…

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Hestia Tobacco Review: Craft Filtered Cigars For Bitcoin

Hestia Tobacco All Natural Craft Filtered Cigars

The video below is a review of Hestia Tobacco's All Natural Craft Filtered Cigars by Tim Baker. The company recently started accepting Bitcoin as payment so Tim decided to give the place a shot. These cigars are designed to be similar to cigarettes but most would consider them higher quality. Tim will describe the exact differences and why he really thinks these are better and more pleasing. He will also detail his experience throughout …

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BitBrew Review: Buy Coffee and Tea With Bitcoins

Bitbrew is an online retailer that sells a good variety of coffees and teas exclusively for Bitcoins. This sort of business is great for the growing Bitcoin economy. We need online Bitcoin stores that sell everyday items, just like the many websites that accept fiat currency. BitBrew has plenty of room to grow and improve, but it is still quite an exciting and useful service.

The BitBrew storefront is not…

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